His Christmas Spirit is Infectious!


Oh how I love to be around my Son-in-Law, Robi at Christmas time! His Christmas Spirit is unmatched by any I have ever seen! Every year he restores a portion of The Christmas Magic I lost as a little girl.

As the oldest child, my parents relied on me a lot. Bless their hearts, one Christmas in particular, they bit off more than they could chew. My dad had been working a lot of overtime, mom was swamped with keeping up with 4 kids and that was the year they decided to buy us kids a kitchen and dining set for our playhouse.

Now, back then toys weren’t as easy to assemble as they are today. They were made of metal with lots of screws, washers, and stickers. So, on Christmas Eve, I walked into the den to find my parents sitting in the middle of the floor trying to get the sink, refrigerator, and stove/oven put together. As if that wasn’t enough they had also purchased the table and chairs and yes, they had to be assembled too! Out of desperation my dad turned to me and said, “Here, hold this” and before I knew it I was assembling my gift from “Santa Clause”. Yep, that was the year Christmas Lost its Magic!

That is until I met my Son-in-Law. Year after year I watch that man immerse himself in Christmas.

He LOVES Everything about Christmas!!!

Initially this confused me. I could not grasp the concept that a man could be so excited about Christmas; especially after being married to Richard for almost 41yrs. And, for 41yrs his response has never changed when I ask what he would like to get the kids or grandkids for Christmas…”Just get them a Card” he would respond. Bah Humbug!!!!

Now in Richard’s defense, he remembers Christmas being magical as a kid. His parents did an incredible job of providing him with a happy home; one that was balanced and was always receptive to providing our girls with that magical Christmas as well. However, he also thought I was excessive in my gift giving. So, with that said, you can better understand my confusion watching Robi’s excitement.

46488049_2105883862776934_4326163004975480832_nWith Robi, the process of Christmas begins well before Thanksgiving. He ensures the electrical wiring is ran creating a whole different breaker box just for Christmas lights. The week of Thanksgiving the lights are hung and he begins to pull the yard decorations out of the attic and organize them on the garage floor. Bins of Christmas decorations begin to emerge each labeled as interior or exterior.
As he removes the lids on the bins it is as if it is the first time he’s seen the treasures within. His eyes light up and his pupils actually dilate with excitement!

Thanksgiving dinner is over, most of the family has gone home and the process begins. The tree is brought in…This in itself is an ordeal because the tree is HUGE! Then, the fluffing process begins. As Brandi and I are putting the Garland on the stair banisters, I look over and see Robi grinning from ear to ear, cheaters on his nose, and intense concentration as he is shaping each individual limb and needle on the tree. He is in his happy place as he works his way up the tree.

Then, Brandi asks, “Do you want me to help you decorate the yard?”. No words needed…Facial expressions spoke volumes! And, they were off to place the yard decorations!

At that point Richard and I set off for our journey home (hahaha…just a few doors down the street) and leave them to it. Later Brandi tells us they had put out all the yard decorations out within about 30 minutes. Robi’s planning had paid off!

What I have learned from my Son-in-Law about Christmas:

  • Each Christmas is a new experience: Though the process is the same, he treats each year as though it has never happened before
  • It is a state of mind: Full of anticipation, excitement, and sheer joy. He never allows the cares of the day to interrupt his celebration
  • Preparation is key: Things fall right into place when the proper preparations have been made
  • Gift giving should be personalized: Knowing…really knowing the “likes” of family members makes finding that special gift so easy
  • Never hide your enthusiasm: You never know whose life you might impact

My Son-in-Law’s enthusiasm for Christmas has significantly impacted my life over the past 10 years and has restored the Magic of Christmas to me! Yep…

His Christmas Spirit is Infectious!

When is the last time you experienced the childlike magic of Christmas? I encourage you to:

  • Attend a Church Christmas Play
  • Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies and Drink Hot Chocolate
  • Take a Drive and Look at Christmas Lights
  • Invite a small group of friends over.
    • This doesn’t have to be expensive
    • Put on a pot of soup
    • Have everyone bring a side or desert
  • Buy at least one Christmas decoration a year and hang on to it. Before you know it, one year your place will look like a Hallmark Christmas Card
  • Go Christmas caroling
  • See the Nutcracker (this one can be a little pricey unless you can find it put on by a local dance studio)
  • Surround yourself with people who encourage your enthusiasm
  • Be Infectious: Be the person you would like to be around at Christmas

 Most Importantly…Remember and Celebrate The Reason For The Season”




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