The Magic of Giggles



Recently I hosted “A Love Lee Christmas Tea Party” in our home and I’m not gonna lie, I was a little nervous. I’ve been hesitant to invite anyone over since the time I cooked a full Thanksgiving meal and all but one person RSVP’d they were coming and only a hand full of people actually showed up. So, as you can imagine, I was a little skeptical anyone would even come; even with an RSVP saying they would.

Then the day before the Tea Party Cheyenne, my granddaughter, walked up and gave me a big hug and said, “Meme, I can’t wait for the Tea Party tomorrow”. With that one single statement, all was well with the world again and all my anxiety dispelled. If no one else showed up at least Cheyenne would be there!


So, I moved forward with the preparations for the Tea. I purchased the sweets (to avoid the temptation of licking my fingers while baking), made foods that were healthy and “legal” for my lifestyle, decorated the tables, cleaned the commodes (hahaha), and swept the floors. Everything was going according to plan.

The day of the party I had to run pick up a few things from the store but things were still going according to plans. I was right on track for the guest to arrive at 2pm. Then, at approximately 1:30pm the doorbell rang. OMGosh…My head started spinning and my heart pounding…I’m not done!!! I still have the ‘Christmas Tree” to make. I said to myself, “Oh well…guess they will have to help or talk to me while I finish up”. I opened the front door and there stood my Granddaughter Sarah (Brandon’s wife) with Skylar on her hip Then I looked down and Payton my Great Granddaughter was beaming with a smile from ear to ear!!! Sarah said, “sorry we’re early but she was so excited about coming; I couldn’t make her wait any longer”.

Immediately, my anxiety faded and I invited Payton to help me finish my Christmas Tree. Oh my goodness, that child was so excited!!! She jumped up on a stool and went to work. Before I knew it I had an expert on my hands! She strategically placed the fruits and quickly discarded any that were not worthy to be displayed. Then out of no where she exclaimed, “Meme, where’s the star? We have to have a star!”. Wow, I hadn’t thought of a topper…Leave it to a child to point out the obvious. I told her I would go look in my box of goodies to see what I could find. As I’m walking out of the kitchen she hollers at me “If you don’t have anything I will make you one. I love crafts!”. Knowing I had absolutely nothing in the house for “crafts” I came back with 2 pieces of fern covered in gold glitter. “Oh Meme, that’s perfect!”…Whew, she bought it!


Soon Tommi, my daughter and son-in-law’s great niece (I love that she calls me Meme too!), arrived and she jumped up on the second stool and began to help decorate the “Christmas Tree”. Now Tommi, she is our fruit and vegetable girl so she was actually eating more than she was placing. I heard Payton tell Tommi, “The topper is not edible” (What 4yr old says edible?) so be sure and don’t try to eat it.


Before you know it the door bell begins to ring and people begin to show up and the noise level begins to rise. My heart was FULL…They came!!!

Before we got started we blessed the food. Then Payton, Tommi, and Ava seated themselves at a smaller table. They began to prepare their tea while having the cutest little girl conversation.

And The…”Magic” Happened!!!

Giggles…Little Girl Giggles

My most favorite sound in the world was filling our home!!!

All of the cares of the world, anxiety over anything, and sadness engulfing us, lifts at the sound of Little Girl Giggles!

Excitement, Exuberance, Pure Joy exudes in Little Girl Giggles!

Then I began to wonder…When did my Giggle leave me? Where did it go? What made it stop?

But…Wait! One thing I forgot to mention, Giggles are contagious!!! Before I knew it I found myself giggling too!

My Giggle had returned!

The Magic of a Giggles…You have the power to start an epidemic!!!



2 thoughts on “The Magic of Giggles

  1. Thank you so much for todays Life Lesson, I have lost my Giggle also, but now I am ready to go and find it. Love you my friend.

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