Clean and Clear For A New Year

I LOVE New YearsIt is a celebration of getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. Old habits and emotions are discarded and replaced with new and innovative ideas and practices. A time to Clean our Slates and Clear the Clutter.

So isn’t it fitting that the Christmas takes place just before the arrival of a New Year? Snap…I had not thought of this before today…It is actually the celebration of the birth of Christ that prepares us for a fresh start and new beginnings.
For me, any transformation should begin with an analysis of the areas which most need attention. This can be applied to our Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, and Professional lives. A cleansing of all the piled up crap from the year before that has weighted me down internally while clearing the clutter from my external surroundings.

Spiritually, it is a time to reflect on the things I’ve done which make my Heavenly Father sad. I not only want to acknowledge them but reflect on what drove me to those choices. Once I am able to understand the origin of my infractions, I am better able to ask God for his Mercy and Forgiveness and trust He has covered them with His Grace. Only then will I be better able to receive the assignments He has for me and others are able to see Jesus in me.

Physically, now that is a bigger struggle for me. I often overindulge, stay up later than I should, and blatantly refuse to exercise. Now for whatever reason, this one is quite the challenge for me. This is the area centered around the new year I don’t particularly enjoy. It seems just as soon as Christmas is over…Here come all the weight loss commercials. Rather than pursue the source of the weight gain (typically emotional) I seek a quick fix, a pill, or a membership at the gym. Then by February or March (actually before the end of January for me) I am back to my old ways and have spent a fortune with minimal results. This has been a life long battle for me. My goal is to change the focus from food to the identification of the attached emotion and then deal with it.

Emotionally, now that is an ongoing challenge!!! Clearing the emotional baggage that piles up is a momentous task! Today’s emotions are often linked to emotions from early years and even childhood. So it is critical all feelings are cleared  rather than packed down creating imbalance and havoc in life. ( Read more here “Moving On”).

Professionally, nothing pleases me more than to start a blank spreadsheet with the new year’s date on it or a new binder. Both are blank slates and pregnant with opportunities for improvement over the prior year. A New Year allows for creativity, review of processes, and improved productivity. It also provides an opportunity for review of the previous year’s accomplishments and can be utilized for setting goals for the upcoming New Year.

While the New Year brings on a New Hope for a fresh start it also brings with it quite a bit of work as well…

So, I Guess It’s Time for Me to Get Myself Clean and Clear For a New Year…

Can’t Wait To Witness God’s Handiwork in 2015!!!

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