Being Normal

Wow, it seems like forever since my life has felt “NORMAL”

When I sit back and reflect on the past seven months no evidence of normality could be found.

Since October:

  • We sold our home, moved all our belongings into storage
  • We moved into our motor home
  • Richard’s mother passed away
  • My dad passed away
  • My job description was redefined
  • I was hospitalized for a severe infection
  • I had a root canal
  • We purchased a home in May and set-up house in 4 weeks
  • Spent 3 weeks out-of-town on work related trips while trying to move
  • Hosted the 6th Annual Smith Family Reunion

While things have been hectic we have made many great memories together!!!

Now, I am working my way back to the art of “Being Normal”

Tonight “Normal” included coming home from work to prepare dinner…Richard was elated to eat with a fork!!!

Love Lee ♥



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