One thing I learned in my years of bedside nursing was…Nurses Don’t Diagnose! Only a physician has the credentials to diagnose and treat. Even a nurse practitioner must practice under the supervision of a physician. Often I knew exactly what was wrong with a patient but never used the diagnosis but instead objective and subjective data to describe the patient’s condition.

For example: Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) was described as fluid overload as evidenced by jugular vein distension. , shortness of breath, S3 heart sounds, crackles in the lung bases, and 2+ pitting peripheral edema…It would be so much easier if we could just call the physician and say…”Your patient has CHF”.

I find it interesting  society uses labels to describe  people when they feel they have someone figured out. We are quick to slap a diagnosis or an acronym on when describing their behavior or personality.

I have been the recipient of one such label in my adult years…OCD (Obsesive Compulsive Disorder). Wahahahah….if they only knew!!!

I AM OCD…Organized, Creative, & Dedicated


Yes, I absolutely love order… I take after my Father! He created the world in an organized and purposeful manner. Think about…It wouldn’t make much sense if He created the fish before He created the ocean. Applying logic to thought processes and actions is not rocket science! To be organized is key for effeciancy…so rather than spending my time digging through piles of papers on my desk or digging in a closet for something…I choose to walk in put my hand on what I am looking for and crank out my work so I can play!


I sooo dislike doing the same things over and over again!!! I recognize routine is an essential component of life however…I love change, the unexpected, and the spontaneous things about my life. Now there is absolutely NOTHING compulsive about that!!! My Father loved to create too! For goodness sakes…He created the heavens and the earth…He created you and me AND He said “it is good”!!! Creativity is one of my greatest gifts! Unfortunately it doesn’t pay well sooo…I moved to a science based field which yielded a better income.


Now here is the piece that pulls it all together…I am so dedicated to living my life in such a manner that all that I do, all that I say, and all that am is to bring glory and honor to my Father in Heaven!  To give less than my absolute best would be a dishonor to Him! Do I get it right all the time…NO! Does that give me permission to give up…NO!!! I am dedicated to a Biblical Work Ethic

My whole existence is to bring Glory and Honor to Him!!!


Organized, Creative, and Dedicated…You Bet I am !!!

Love Lee ♥ 


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