The People’s Choice Award

It is my honor to introduce  the most talented artists I know…My Brother

Daniel Kimbrough

Daniel Kimbrough is a self-taught artist and musician who is well-known for his affiliation with The world-renowned museum The Menil Collection. As a surrealist Mr.Kimbrough’s work was represented by The Menil Collection for 10 years making him the longest local artist in Houston represented by The Menil. He was named artist of the year by the collection in 2008. He currently resides in Houston,Texas where he cohabitates with his black cat Vladimer and his turantula Sircy.

I love what my sister wrote, “When I was a little girl, I’d sit beside him & as I’d watch him create things with his hands, I’d be thinking, “My brother is such an awesome artist, he’s going to be a famous designer”. Daniel Kimbrough is the epitome of creative art design. He IS a winner!” Cheryl Fairbank

Trish Bergerson writes, “WOW amazing…a true artist that is for sure”

Great talent deserves endless attention. This is his chance at $10,000 in grants, international publicity and a feature exhibition in Scope Art Show in NYC

“The People’s Choice Award”

 Every Vote Counts to help Daniel obtain this coveted award.



I invite you join me in visiting this link daily to view and vote for Daniel’s art.  

Click Here To Vote

To see more of Daniels art and even purchase a copy for yourself visit  Daniel’s Website

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Love Lee ♥

  • $2,000 cash grant
  • An online feature bringing international exposure
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