Queen of Bling

Several years ago a dear friend said to me, “You know, are always dressed so nice, your hair is perfect, and you’re makeup looks great but… have you ever thought about accessorizing?”. Hmmmmm….I had never really thought much about accesories…I wore the same little necklace, stud earings, and rings every day so I realized, I didn’t know how to accessorize.

Once she made me aware of this opportunity, I set out to learn how to accessorize. I began to do my homework…Magazines, Store Displays, Internet, and Jewelry Shows. It didn’t take me long to figure out I LOVE BLING!!!

Guess what…GOD DOES TOO!

Glen Pease does an awesome job in his article “The Jewels Of Heaven” . I love every word he wrote and how he explains the importance of Jewels to God. I now realize…His children are His bling! Now I not only enjoy wearing bling but…

 I AM THE BLING!!! And…YOU are His Bling Too!!!

Go forth…Shimmer and Shine for HIM!!!

Love Lee ♥

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