Can You Hear Their Cries

This morning’s topic on Joni’s Table Top was “Human Trafficking“. Initially my thought was I am not going to watch this because it did not pertain to me but I literally could not change the channel. What I heard was horrific!


Young teenagers are captured, caged, and used 30 to 40 times per day. The children born to these young teens are removed from their mothers and sold to child pedifilers.  What a horrific life these young ladies have to endure!!!


Rather than turn a blind eye, please take the time to visit the links below and ask God to give you direction on what He would have you to do to help abolish human trafficking.

Love Lee ♥

  • Human Trafficking in America: Now Florida’s Biggest ‘Invisible’ Crime
  • Human Trafficking Crimes Common in the US
  • Modern Day Slavery: Human Trafficking
  • Human Trafficking Around the World
  • Taken Movie Review Liam Neesen Maggie Grace Human Trafficking
  • Human Trafficking: Putting an End to Modern Day Slavery
  • Human Trafficking is High Profit Business
  • One thought on “Can You Hear Their Cries

    1. There is a place in Houston called Home of Hope that is set up to get girls out of humantrafficking and teach them about God’s love for them!!!!!

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