God Likes it All

Why are we so hard on ourselves?

I need to lose weight…My hair looks drab…My make-up needs to be touched up…And on…And on!
You know, God doesn’t partition you into pieces and loves some parts of you and not loves the others. If He did that would make Him human because that’s what people do. Think about it…what do you think when you see a woman coming toward you with too much lipstick? Well, you focus on the lips of course!
We tend to pick people apart rather than accept them for exactly who God created them to be.
God, who created you, accepts and loves every little part of you, even those you deny and hate in yourself.  So next time you try to dislike a part of you, just pause, look and remember that God loves it.
God loves in you even that which you dislike.
Go easy on yourself…
Love Lee ♥

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