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Smith Family Reunion 2010

The Smith Family Reunion was the vision of Richard’s brother Mike. He made the statement wouldn’t it be great if all the family could get together each year. So Richard and I volunteered our home and that is how it all began.

Menues planned√…House Cleaned√…Firewood for the Pit √…Yardwork done√… Pool Cleaned√…Sleeping Arrangements for All√…Towels, Floats, and Toys√…

Now they are on their way! Each year the last week of May, family and friends from all over the US begins to make their journey to Jones Creek, Texas. They usually begin to arrive on Wednesday and stay through Tuesday the following week. So it is a week of family, friends, and fun…coupled with food, swimming, and grotto chats!

So much fun for all and each year the number grows.  Family members marry, babies are born, and new friends are made…Therefore, the more the merrier!

We are so honored to have the privilege of hosting this annual Smith event! The Family Reunion was a great idea! Thank You Mike!!!

Love Lee ♥

Home is Good For the Soul

  As the temperature begins to cool down and a crispness fills the air I get the urge to make those savory soups, bake breads, and make flavored coffees and hot teas. Then to enjoy it all out on the freshly swept patio, fragranced with my favorite candles, soft music playing in the background and birds sweetly singing overhead.

 As I look out across the yard I notice large yellow and orange leaves gently dancing as it floats to the ground while my precious pups are chasing squirrels and squealing with excitement.
Oh how I love Autumn and how I sooo love being home!!! Home  is when your spirit gets a chance to play and express itself. Home is where I can be me and do those things I enjoy. Home is my haven from the hustle and bustle of the world.  Home is where I spend time with my loved ones. And, most importantly, home is where I spend quality time with my Heavenly Father!
I am sure you have heard the old saying…”Home is where the heart is”. So I ask…is your heart at home? If not you might want to invite it in…
Love Lee ♥