I Still Do…Happy Anniversary Richard ♥

I remember standing at the back of the church thinking…”THIS IS IT…THE MOMENT I HAVE WAITED FOR ALL MY LIFE”.

December 18, 1977 I said “I Do” to the man of my dreams. It has been amazing how those two words have impacted every aspect of my life since! I adore you and am so proud to be Mrs. Richard Dallas Smith; honored, cherished, esteemed, and adored by you for 33 past years.

 Rather than re-cap our lives together in written word, I thought you might enjoy a few pictures.

 After all…A picture is worth a thousand words!!!

I cherish the memories of our yesterdays and look forward to many tomorrows with you!!!



Richard Dallas Smith…I Still Do!

Love Lee ♥




2 thoughts on “I Still Do…Happy Anniversary Richard ♥

  1. How nice! Thanks for the stroll through the great pictures. You know I would say I do again; in fact I DO every day. Love you my eternal soul mate.


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